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Hi, I am trying to open a paypal account for me, and when I put my login details of my bank, I made a mistake with a letter, instead of putting capital letter, I put it as small letter, and now they tell me in an email, that they can not give me the paypal service, now I am afraid to put my correct data, what can I do, I want to have the account, and I want to put my correct data, but without risking that later I can not use the account for my regular transactions, because of the email and the limitations that are in my account, please help me, what do I do? I can put the data to link my account, with security that I will be able to use it? can you tell me what steps to follow to have my account in order, active and with the correct data of my bank? thank you very much, I will be waiting for your answer.


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Contact customer services:      

Click “Message Us” or “Call Us” option on the bottom.   


Or reach out to PayPal at Facebook or Twitter:    

Twitter: @AskPayPal    


Another option is to file a complaint at under PayPal San Jose, CA. Copy and paste what you said here and ask them to restore your account.

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