Unable to login - "Sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you"


A couple of months ago, the Paypal system began requiring an extra verification step after I enter my username & password.

I am asked to:

"Confirm your phone number with a code" 

and told:

"This helps us prevent fraud and reach you if there’s ever an issue."

and I can see most of my phone number with a few of the digits xx'd out

and given the options of:

"Text you a code" 


"Call you to confirm"
Neither work.
When clicking on either one I am immediately taken to another page which tells me:

"Sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you" 

and giving me the option to"

"Try another way"
I have called paypal multiple times and each time they are able to reset something so that I get the code texted to me and I am able to then login that one time only.
But it is never permanent and each time I now want to login to my account I must first call paypal customer service.
Each time I tell them that I should not have to call everytime I wish to login to my paypal account and each time they agree.
How can I get this to work?

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