Opening a business account without a business (UK)


Hello, I'm new to paypal and need some help.

I want to upgrade my account to a business account merely to hide my real name from customers and to change it to my online alias.

However, I have seen no solid answers to my question, apart from that I would have to sign up with a legal business name.

I'm only wanting to do this to protect my privacy; is this possible? Am I able to sign up without having a registered business? Is there any other way to hide my name from customers?

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Hello @asking4help,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! Great question. The biggest difference between a Business account and a Personal account is that you operate under a company/group name with a Business account. However, you still need to register the account with your legal first and last name, real phone number, real physical address, etc. For the business type your account is registered under, it sounds like you would want to use the "Sole Trader" business type in the UK, and fill out the proceeding information as best you can (ie. Business Name, Business Category / Sub-Category, Average Monthly Payment Volume, etc.) according to your payments received. Also, it's always best to research your local county/ federal tax regulations in relation to your payment types to chose the best business type possible.

I hope that clears a few things up,


 - Jon K

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