Incorrect Shipping address on a transaction help!

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Hey Amazing Ladz!

I need some urgent assistance as I've hit a brick wall trying to find a straight forward way to correct what went wrong!

I paid for an invoice for service from a seller and somehow at random, the transaction picked up (Ship to) address to an old one, I don't even live at that location anymore! I'm quite surprised, as my default primary address is the correct one but it still picked this one up.


Is there a way, I can sent the seller correct address from my PayPal dashboard? As the seller only ships to paypal verified address.


Any pointers would be highly appreciated.




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Your paypal address may be correct but the site you purchased from may have 'remembered' your address if you bought from them before and auto filled it, thats why its best to check the 'send to' address before going to checkout.


Your best bet would be to ask the seller to refund that payment and cancel the transaction and then reorder the item?

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