Addressed by previous name when logging in through third party sites

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Hi all, I recently changed my account name as I am transitioning, there are no issues with this on my account, but when I log into my account through a third party site (eg eBay, Etsy) I am greeted "welcome [previous name]". I previously reached out to PayPal customer service to question this and was advised to unlink then relink my PayPal account from my eBay account then relink to fix this issue, however it has not changed anything and has since happened on multiple sites where my name has always been set as my new name. Another customer service agent has told me to contact eBay directly, seemingly ignoring that eBay is far from the only site this is happening with, insisting it is not an issue as all notifications and transactions are under my current name. There is obviously an issue that is causing this that PayPal are reluctant to look into, I am hoping this can be fixed or addressed as it is causing distress when I use my PayPal account.
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