Negative posting by Ebay

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In the past when a package was late being sent, Ebay gives a negative .  I have a customer that has bid on 3 other items after she paid for the first one.  I asked her if she wanted to wait until the auctions were over on her other bids and then send them with a discount shipping thus saving her money.  She agreed. 2 of the 3 auctions have ended and I gave her free shipping.  She still has one more to go. Can Ebay be notified of what I am doing? There is no way for me to contact Ebay  and I don't want to have to jump through hoops to get what a customer and I have agreed on.  I am not happy with this new system.  I pride myself on my 100% summaries and don't want that to change.  I thought paypal was no longer in the picture.  Are they back again.

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