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Truth and noting but the Truth

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Hi there

I'm one of the old generation guy that I don't believe in Political correctness.

Because if I have to be politically correct I have to compromise or even lie.

Just to get this far I have to swear on every page that I will say nothing negative and going to be a good boy .

The whole exercise of mine is pointless.

The only thing may I say is PayPal like Ebay is sickeningly complicated.

That is discriminating my age big time, and many engineer like my self, dumping they life time collections

because we can not cope with it. 

We are extremely disappointed. Were ewer is this politically correct  or not. 




Truth and noting but the Truth

Esteemed Advisor



Sorry no idea what you are talking about or what advice you want.

As for clicking to be 'a good boy' all you are doing is clicking ONCE to abide by forum rules and regulations, not sure why that is an issue?

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.

Truth and noting but the Truth


  Re: Truth and noting but the Truth


If you don't understand what I was talking about, that is fine.

I'm defiantly not surprised. This job is not for you go and grow onion & Rubab.

This is my last letter because I'm prepared to go down to your level. 

Good bye. 

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