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Never doing anything like this before in my entire life I'm so lost and in need of help please, I started a GoFundMe account to help me raise money to cover my father's funeral expenses but as I approach the ending of my deadline I have not received any feedback, help, or anything what so ever. Is there anything else that I should be doing to reach more people and possibly any help at all?
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This is not a paypal issue. If folks don't want to give you money then they don't have to do they.

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Hi @Breezzy2,


Thank you for joining the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your father and the campaign's lack of success. @kernowlass is correct that it's not an issue with the services provided by PayPal, however our General Discussions board is a place where people can help one another regarding tangentially related issues from their individual experience, and I'll be happy to provide a little insight from my own personal experience with a cancer fundraiser that my sister started for me many years back.


When starting a fundraising campaign on any platform, the success of that campaign is going to rely on its visibility, and that's all going to be about how much and where you promote it. Places like the PayPal Community Forum will not allow promotion like that, so be cautious of where you choose to request donations, but think about where it might be appropriate. Maybe you have a friends group on one or more social media platforms, or maybe you an find a support group related to the issue. Careful selection of places to post your message will help you promote the fundraiser to more people without breaking rules or overstepping the guidelines of the platform. When you post the information about the fundraiser, invite people to share the post with others they know whether or not they themselves can donate, because that propagation is very helpful in getting your fundraiser seen.


I hope you are able to get some donations for this fundraiser, or if you make another! Best of luck!


Thank you, @kernowlass!




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