why would Paypal open a dispute...?


I made a purchase on the e 6th of January. First Papal put limitations on my account until I could prove I was who I said I was and my backup funding was indeed mine.

This was resolved, limitations were removed and I thought all was fine.

Now, I log on and see there is an open dispute. Not something I or the seller did but it appears Papal opened the dispute!

The item I ordered has been put on a HOLD STATUS while Papal investigates.

What I don't understand is WHY there is even a dispute when the money has been withdrawn from my bank account without a problem. I checked my bank account today and saw that the money was withdrawn  for payment to this company yet the entire transaction is being held up by Papal. What did I do that would provoke this kind of action from Papal?

And, how long is it going to take? What are they doing? They say they are at step 3 as of the 9th and the transaction could be released OR reversed? What should I do? Thanks. boryzark

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