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transaction id : 26c54868x9477130k

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transaction id : 26c54868x9477130k

hi , i'm teddy from indonesia . i had trouble with transaction on ebay  on 13 oct. i bought item sum $4200. seller didn"tsend the item until i open case on paypal , afte seller provide track no . i didn't purpose press closed case ., after i received package and open it , only a sheet of fabric , even the invoice and paacking lis , seller wrote fabric interior sample , i paid $4200 only for a sheet of fabric , oh my god , now how should i claim my money ? , i have all proof for fedex track no and packing list , goods . does anyone can help me how to claim ? because i tried open case . i can't. this transaction still 2 weeks ago. thank u

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Re: transaction id : 26c54868x9477130k



Did you open a dispute for non receipt?

Did you escalate to a claim?

Did you or paypal close it?

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