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restriction limitation and no communication from paypal

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restriction limitation and no communication from paypal

I have been put on some sort of restriction limitation. I never received an email on why or how to resolve it, like your dropdown states. You are now holding my money hostage and I don't appreciate it at all. The fact you do this and then have nobody to contact is over the top annoying. I only found this out because I could not print a shipping label on Ebay. I would like to know why this has happened. so it doesn't happen again. I am downsizing and selling my collectables, I've had for 30 years. I don't have a supplier. I'm not a store. I'm just a person cleaning their garage. I just started this 3 weeks ago and I'm so frustrated with Paypal. I have no open or closed cases. I have completed all the paypal tasks to reinstate, now I wait 5days and hope someone gets back to me with resolution. It states I have until oct 11 or it will get worse. This is not the Ebay "21 day hold", this is after my money is available and paypal wont allow me to transfer into my bank account. I now have thousands of dollars in limbo. I'm so frustrated. 

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Re: restriction limitation and no communication from paypal

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