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reopen closed dispute

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reopen closed dispute


I disputed charge based on the little and perhaps misleading information associated with seller when viewing the charge on paypal bill trying to figure out what it was. Never got a confirmation of payment from the seller. Never got a shipping notification.  However, it does turn  out i made the charge.  So the case was closed.  But of course the item was never shipped.  The seller never responded to  my  email.   Quite a scam!.  My feeling is paypal should have a way to change the nature of a legitimate complaint.  Am feeling  this is most unfair that the seller is now immune to  being disputed.   Any recourse?   Why stack the deck for sellers to be dishonest?

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Re: reopen closed dispute


You are only allowed 1 dispute per transaction so the only way you can get a second dispute opened is to contact Paypal (when and if you can) and see if they will open a second dispute for you.
They may decline citing policies but if you say what happened then they might open a second dispute for you.

If not then if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then consider contacting your card issuer and see if they will help you with a chargeback?

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