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mistake or identity theft

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mistake or identity theft

Hi! I recently checked an old email account and I found that someone created a PayPal account using my email in June 2020. In my account information there is another name, address and phone number from US. The account was not confirmed because the other person/she needed to confirm the email which she did not have access to, obviously. Her first name is the same as mine, so maybe it's just a mistake? What do you think? Is there something I can do to make sure nothing fishy was done with this account? I don't need a PayPal account, can I close it without any issues? 


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Re: mistake or identity theft

My situation is very similar.

My wife just received email that PayPal account was created. Before, she got an email to confirm (it was at night, she didn't open it) and next there was an e-mail "your account has been created" in foreign language.

We tried to log in using the email, but it showed a phone number from another country.
Her name was in the message, very similar to real name, but  incorrect (diminutive, it looked like it was extracted from an email address).

It's gmail and there was no suspicious behaviour on her account, no one logged in, and she has 2-factor authentication.


So I think there is something wrong with PayPal security, if someone can use another person's email to create an account.

It's Sunday, so I can't even call, and PayPal is not providing any contact email (you need an account, but it's not her account and she doesn't have any).

I'll try to call tomorrow, but now we are affraid if this is just someone's error, or if we may have some problems because of this situation.


Re: mistake or identity theft

same boat here. Only no notification from Paypal and someone made a withdrawal from my linked bank account. No one to call or email or text. Unbelievable