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Unauthorised access claim made against me

New Community Member

Unauthorised access claim made against me



I sold an item on ebay and now have a Unauthorised access claim against me. I contacted the buyer on ebay and had 2 messages from them.


(Message 1)Hi, this is news to me! I haven't opened a case at all so this must be in error. I will look into this. thanks for letting me know


( Message 2 ) Hi, i have checked resolution centre and i dont see any open or closed cases so not sure whats going on.

Im having some trouble with ebay at the moment with payments not going through or getting charged twice and spent an hour on the phone to customer services on Sunday so i think my account is playing up.


Is there any way i can resolve this problem.


Thank Mike
Sorry for any alarm but really happy with your service, communication and promt delivery. Thanks


Re: Unauthorised access claim made against me

Hi @cardclone123,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


If there is a case in your PayPal Resolution Centre towards a specific buyer, it means that the buyer should be able to locate the same case as a claim cannot be opened from one party only always concerns both parties. I would recommend responding to the case by providing the requested information in your Resolution Centre. Once you have done so, the relevant team will review what you provided within 30 days. 


I hope this helps!