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UPS tracking number scam


UPS tracking number scam

I ordered an item through, and never received the item purchased, but the merchant supplied a valid UPS tracking number to my delivery city. UPS was able to verify that the tracking number was not for a delivery to my address, and they provided me with a name of the shipper (an online, clothing wholesale merchant). An agent at the company verified the UPS number was for one of their shipments and provided me with a customer name for that package. With information about the delivery address, I went back to UPS and they provided me an official document I could reach via a FTP link that detailed information about the package, including the delivery address. I believe this info is confidential, and should not have been shared with me, which is what makes this scam so effective - it's really hard to get the info Paypal insisted on - but even when I did, my claim was still denied by Paypal. I provided  clear documentary evidence of the fraud, and that this transaction was fraudulent, yet they will not refund my purchase, and presumably the seller is still active. In my opinion, Paypal is participating in this mail fraud. 


This youtube video seems to suggest real UPS tracking can be obtained for any zipcode:




Re: UPS tracking number scam

I purchased three pieces of amateur radio equipment from a website, with two separate orders on the same day. I paid for them through PayPal and waited for shipping information. They never arrived. I attempted to contact the seller numerous times, to get the shipping information, but got no response. After waiting over a week, I filed a claim with PayPal. It took another week for the seller to respond to PayPal for one of the orders. They still have not responded for the second order. They supplied a UPS Tracking Number that said the item had been delivered 10 days previous. Of course, I had not received a delivery. I called UPS and spoke with a live person who checked the tracking number. The tracking number was legitimate, but it DID NOT MATCH MY NAME. It was for someone else in my town and zip code. THE INFORMATION SUPPLIED IS FRADULENT. Pay Pal dismissed my claim based on the fraudulent information supplied by the seller!


  • The seller is in China
  • They have a Chinese email address (
  • The item in this order weighs approximately 9 pounds
  • The item attached to the tracking number weighs 28.5 pounds
  • Tracking number does not relate to my name (per UPS)
  • Seller will not communicate with me

This is a straight-up fraud and I am frustrated. PayPal seemingly will not or does not want to do anything about this! I've been using their service for 20 years. Unless they step up and resolve this fairly, I will be looking for another provider.




Re: UPS tracking number scam



I spoke with a PayPal representative today. They confirmed that the seller has had numerous complaints of the same nature as mine. 


My case was reopened and decided in my favor. All funds were restored to my account!


PayPal has restored my faith in them.