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Trouble with Resolutions


Trouble with Resolutions

Hello Community. My name is Tom <removed>. 

I would love to hear from the community about a problem I currently face and best ways to resolve?

I ordered an Adult Tricycle from Seller PAULAREYES... weaslotmfi. Next Day they sent USPS Shipping Info that corresponded to HVAC parts(not a Tricycle)when inquiring with the given USPS#, the USPS stated the item had been already delivered...8 DAYS BEFORE MY ORDER????

Upon opening a dispute with resolution center...I reported both fraudulent activity AND failure to deliver....I tried numerous times to contact SELLER...They are no where to be seen or heard and have returned zero inquiries.

Resolution Center says the monies will be returned if the Seller does not respond by given date. Given date rolls by and I inquire the day after, then receive a text from Resolution Center...Dispute rewarded to Seller???

This is maddening...Has anyone else out there received the run around from PayPal Resolutions?..Right now PayPal is condoning and supporting illegal activity.


HAS ANYONE OUT THERE RECEIVED THE SIMILAR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY??? I want to trust the process but when the money transfer medium is complicit in the problem?...It time for ACTION. Thx Tom