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Resolution center does not look at the evidences


Resolution center does not look at the evidences



I have a transaction where a product has not been received after months.

The seller provided the wrong tracking number (postal code of delivery does not match).


After contesting the seller, they acknowledge the wrong tracking code

but failed to provide a valid one and, as far as I am concerned, to ship.


I opened a dispute case as PayPal buyer protection applies.

The PayPal team that looks through it closed the case in the seller's favor.

The seller had provided PayPal with another erroneous tracking code, again.  

The last-mile carrier public information displays the postal codes associated

with both tracking codes. It is easy to determine that those postal codes

do not match the postal code in my shipping address.


PayPal missed the postal code the first time. Then, refuses to look at it when I confront

them with the evidence that they are not dealing with it correctly.


It could be several things:

a) PayPal processes miss accounting for postal codes 

b) they do not have the right tools in place

c) the team leadership in Europe does not do its job


Despite I provide all the relevant info meticulously through the

platform message system, the first time, it took me more than

an hour on the phone with Lisbon.  


After presumably looking through it, they call me from Ireland.

We went through a similar rambling of assumptions and false conclusions.


Instead of looking to determine the truth, the team member insists on

justifying the previous decision.  They did not reopen the case. 


Is it easier to say "We are sorry we missed the postal code, we will fix it"


I have created a second dispute on the same transaction.

Now the option was an unauthorized transaction.


Has anyone experienced something similar?

What is the effective way to deal with it?








New Community Member

Re: Resolution center does not look at the evidences.

They closed my claim, claiming I did not provide a tracking number for the return of the item. The tracking number was sent and shows on the claim file. Very disappointing.