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Paypal not allowing me to add funds to my balance from my bank account.

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Paypal not allowing me to add funds to my balance from my bank account.

I updated and created my Paypal account with intent of adding funds from my bank which is already linked. I contacted customer service through chat. They told me there's a account limitation in which I need to send proof of my identity to to be able to add funds from my linked bank account via checking. I sent in photos of my Passport, State ID that shows my face, complete name, and current street address. I event sent in a photo of my SSN which they accepted. I sent photos and pdf files for both my checking account and savings account which are both linked to my Paypal. Both bank statements show my full legal name and current address which is the same as on the other documents I sent. Now the cutomer serviced rep told me "Thank you for sharing the document. <Removed>, I understand your concern regarding the limitation. This only restricts you from adding funds to your PayPal balance while you can still use all the other features. I have checked the documents you have shared and unable to validate these in our database. I'm sorry however we do not have the option to resolve this without valid documents.
Thank you for contacting PayPal and for being a valued customer. If you have no further questions, you can close the conversation by selecting End Conversation or by clicking the "X." If you respond to this message, another agent will follow up with you .


Am I missing something here? What's the issue? Do I have to go to a store each time and pay a fee just to add funds to my paypal account? Why can't I add funds directly from my bank account? Any info or resolution would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Paypal not allowing me to add funds to my balance from my bank account.


You never need funds in your Paypal account balance as a buyer. When you purchase an item then Paypal credit the seller for you, this is so there is no delay in the despatch of your item. Paypal will then take the wait for the funds to transfer to reimburse them.
However they only take that 'risk' if you pay...

1. Bank transfer but have a back up card linked to your account as well.
2. Debit or credit card.
If you have option 1 but have no back up card linked then your payment may go as an echeque and you and the seller will have to await clearance.


However if you really want to then you would need to have a paypal cash account and supply paypal the information that they require + verify your account by adding and confirming a bank account on to your paypal account.

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