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Paypal closed my account


Paypal closed my account

So as the title says. Paypal closed my account saying there is fraudulent and high risk behavior. I've am a online gamer and as of now what I do for a living is to sell the items that I obtain in the game to other people that needs it for real money. So due to the COVID-19 incident, what I did was I sold most of the items that acquire on a daily basis because I need money to provide for my family and baby. Then paypal limited my account saying there was a questionable activity on my account. (There was no refund, no chargeback or anything in my account). Then paypal asked for my ID, proof of billing, my address with document or government ID, and a statement of what I did from april 1 to 4th in my account activity. I answered those completely with the attached document sent as well.

Then today april 14th they sent me a message that my account will be closed and all money left can be withdrawn after 6 months, as per paypal they said my account is high risk for them and also has fraudulent activity. I asked them what was the fraudulent activity if they can give me a single one because those are not fraudulent activity. Amid this pandemic its like were under the ground and now they put cement over me because now I cannot buy milk, diapers and some stuff which was supposed to be for the money in my paypal. 

Now I want to ask has this happen to anyone? And has anyone here with this problem actually changed paypal's decision about their closed account? And is this even reasonable that they closed my account without even showing the fraudulent activity in my account that they are so worried about? 

I really hope paypal doesn't close my account because paypal is my main source of payment method and I had my account since 2011 😞 

PayPal Employee

Re: Paypal closed my account



Kindly review the terms of use of PayPal accounts.


The use of the services has limits and may not be the best fit for your business.


Kind regards


Re: Paypal closed my account

Woww this is unbelievable smh Same to me
New Community Member

Re: Paypal closed my account

Hey mate, I feel for you. Same happened to me a week before Christmas and I have more than £2600 in there. I escalated it, appealed- you name it. They left me in a kind of a tight spot right before Christmas and none of them could’ve give me a simple explanation - WHY! Needless to mention I was beyond furious.. All they told me is that they’re going to review it every 30 days and if they (feel like it ) and calculate their risk they’ll then decide whether to release the whole or part of the sum they will let me know. Worth to mention I am not a seller or anything, they say the reason they will keep the money up to 180 days is to protect themselves from potential financial losses. When asking how they can possibly be at risk when the only transfer I’ve done were between mine and my roommates account, none of the people I spoke with could’ve answer??! it makes absolutely no sense! There’s nothing that could potentially backfire If I were to be a seller on eBay or something I then understand, some of the customers might want refund or complain or whatever- it would then make sense for paypal to keep the money just in case. But in my case they have absolutely %0 chance of losing any money. I kept asking them and none could’ve answer me even tho they felt it makes no sense they said its a process which they cannot interfere with even if they wanted there’s nothing that they can do.. Occasionally I also used it to pay for things on eBay, but even here they can’t potentially be at risk because I am the customer who bought whatever it is. I am so disappointed I can’t even find the words to express how I feel about PayPal after all that and they way they’ve let me down with complete disrespect and disregard about my lifestyle and wellbeing and that of my family.. I’ll tell you what, used to have more confidence/trust in Paypal than my own its all gone now thats for sure! Absolutely Ridiculous. No compassion whatsoever! What if I didn’t have any other money at that time, days before Christmas and on top of they’ve done all that whilst knowing very well that the majority of ppl are already struggling financially due to covid and all them lockdowns .. they couldn’t be bothered, well good on them - they’ve lost me for good and believe me - I am spreading the word about it, giving heads up to everyone I know! I guess we’re left with nothing, but to wait.. (for our own money to be released tccc.. ) Disgraceful!

Re: Paypal closed my account

Yes PayPal limited my account for fraudulent... last Dec. cannot get my money out of my account like you I repeatedly asked what did I do that is fraud no answers! I am disabled and as many of us are struggling with the affects of COVID shutdowns. I do not think this is legal can a company close an account hold funds accusing fraud with zero proof? Kimberle