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Notification on home tab will not go away.


Notification on home tab will not go away.

A notification "Don't forget to provide beneficial owners by Jun 13, 2021. Because card sales have increased for your business, we need you to provide beneficial owner information. To continue receiving payments, please provide by Jun 13, 2021." has popped up on the home tab. The beneficial owners info has been provided a long time ago (at set up), someone at PayPal has verified the info recently. The notification has a "see details" link, when it is clicked, it goes to a new page with the message "Thanks! You’re all set, The identity of your beneficial owner(s) has been verified and approved.". No surprise there. Back on the home tab, the notification is still there. The account has no limitations, and has all functionalities.

I have tried deleting cookies and cache, I have tried different browsers, I have tried different devices, all with the same result: the notification won't go away. PayPal's solution is to "just ignore it".

Does anybody have a better solution?