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No help, please.. anyone?

New Community Member

No help, please.. anyone?

This began as a message to Paypal VIA Email after my 3rd attempt at calling which did not work to help the issue. This is my last hope.


Hello, this is an issue I have been dealing with for over a month now.
I have called customer service 3 times, each over 72 hrs apart and I will explain why.

I understand my account is limited, and the limitations involved due to this. Though, it says I am able to transfer money out of my account to my bank or debit card. For many months, it did not allow me even this option. Until about 2-3 months ago, I got an email telling me it is finally available for withdraw.

3-4 days ago, I called to inquire about how I could withdraw the funds. None of my cards were any longer active: my main card had been replaced, and I was not able to update payment information due to the limitation. It said no where I was not able to add a new card, though it would still not let me. After about an hour on the phone, I was able to add the new card, ending in 3037 (VISA.) I was advised to try and wait 24 hours and attempt the transfer then. When I tried, it gave the error that "it could not be done at this time."

So, I called again. This time, they told me to try and add a new card. I had 2 other cards: 1 said it was already added to another paypal, which it SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN, and another said it was "declined." The one that was "declined" ending in 0939 (also a VISA) should NOT have been, I use it daily in store and online. It was "declined" when I tried to add it to the account. I was told to wait 48 hours, and try to withdraw the money to the 3037 card again. Then, if that did not work, try to add my card ending in 0939.

Today, I called AGAIN. Being well over 72 hours, after trying to withdraw funds again and it still saying "We could not verify this was you." At this time, I want to note: at each step of the way, I tried to manually add both of my 2 bank accounts. EACH AND EVERY TIME, it told me that it "could not be done at this time." Both accounts do not show through the automatic verification (PLAID) service, and I was attempting to add through Check Acc # and Routing#.
So, when calling today, I was told to do the same things. But was met with more incompetence then I could have ever imagined, and the lady refused to transfer me to a manager. She advised me to try on a new browser, which I did. I installed a BRAND NEW browser, (Google Chrome,) then deleted the cache, and cookies even though there were none due to it being new. I took it one step further and deleted all cache and cookies of every browser I have on my PC.

---Continued, email was cut off here.

Again, it would not allow me to transfer.  She then asked me to add a bank account, AGAIN. I explained that I have tried many times and it has not worked.  She repeatedly told me she will send an email with instructions on how to do so.  WHICH I KNOW HOW.  I tried again, it did not work.  Then, I attempted to add my only other debit card that I told her "got declined before."  This time, it added.  But then it would not show under transfers, she said she could not even see the card added to my account. While digging around, while arguing with her that the issue is NOT that I need an email explaining how to do this, but that it isn't working, I found the card is added but doesn't support instant transfers. GREAT.

After more running around in circles, I asked to speak to a supervisor over and over.  She said over and over "Im sorry I understand your frustration in withdrawing your funds.  You should be able to withdraw them despite the limitations.  (I know.)  Then was told to wait another 24 hours.  I asked what to do if it did not work?

She said use the email explaining how to transfer money to a debit card.  *Facepalm*  I told her I would be calling back if it doesnt work then.


I then tried to change the subject, over the few day wait it dawned on me that the other card- SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ADDED TO ANOTHER PAYPAL.  I asked her many times what we can do about this, she just asked over and over the last 4.  Each time she said she can not see the card added to my account.  I told her that it can not be added, because I get an error saying IT'S ON ANOTHER PAYPAL.  She refused to understand and just kept repeating she "understands my frustration about not being able to receive my funds when I should be able to."  I said over 5 times in a row, that is NOT THE ISSUE.  The issue was, and I emphasized this is a SEPERATE ISSUE, and offered any possible information about the card she could want- she could do nothing to help.  So I finally realized she is not wanting to help anymore, and told her I'm going to just have to order a new card with my bank and will be explaining to them that Paypal stole it themselves, which she said is perfectly ok with her, quickly said goodbye- before I cut her off. I asked if there is a reference number or anything to refer future support to our call.  She quickly said the old "This call may be recorded bla bla."  So I repeated what I was asking, and she said "they will be able to look it up."   Then quickly said the "Have a good day bla bla (I could not even understand she wanted off the phone so fast)" and was hung up on.  I don't know what to do anymore.  

I understand the limitations of my account.  It not only doesn't say I can't withdraw my money, but I get emailed daily saying the funds are available for withdraw.  I want to get my money and move on and be done with Paypal. This is rediculious.


Oh and PS, I asked a few time about getting cashed out by check: and she just said she will send an email on how to do so.  I know how to do so and have gotten this email from support before.  Yet, when I try to cash out by check, it just links me to the "Add a Bank Account" page, and I already previously explained what happens when I try to add either bank.