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Fraudulent Payment

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So, in March I noticed three payments leave my bank account and paid to a PayPal account. A direct debit had been set up without my authorisation. This bank account is a basic one and I cannot use the card linked to it to do any online transactions. It is not the card linked to my PayPal account. I Googled the account details and found out that several others had been in a similar situation. 

I contacted the bank and they were able to cancel the direct debit but they could not authorise a refund without PayPal's consent. Paypal would not authorise a refund with out contact from the bank. Every time I called the bank they said they needed PayPal's permission and that they had no authority to refund me. PayPal refused to repay me because they said there was no transaction ID/ I had no proof of payment/ I had authorised the payment/ no evidence of fraud. Despite me telling them multiple times that this was clearly fraudulent activity due to the very nature of my bank account. In the end I spent more money on the phone than what I was owed so I gave up. I still want my refund. I have tried calling the bank and PayPal/ using the message centre/ and no one answers the live chat. Does anyone have advice/ gone through something similar? 

Thank you!

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