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Can't get any help to unblock an account


Can't get any help to unblock an account

Hi Everybody


I have an account for over 10 years.  I added to shopify and it blocked my account requiring a ton of info.  I provided all info but there is one spot that says I need to "Provide Details" about officers (thats me).  When I click "Provide Details" it brings up a blank white box.  I have chatted with staff 6 times and they say someone will call but nobody ever does and they keep telling me to do the same thing and it keeps doing the same thing.  I have done it on 5 computers and my phone and the same blank white box comes up.  Its clearly a paypal issue.  


At this point I just want to close the account but there is $1000 in there I need to get out and it won't let me withdraw until I "Provide Info" but it won't let me provide info!  Message centre is no help facebook is no help.  


Anybody have this issue and know how to fix or know how to get a person to help?  Thanks!