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16 Years a member, now they wan't photo id? comical...


16 Years a member, now they wan't photo id? comical...

  1. Well, i feel after 16 years this may be the end of me using PayPal..  i can live without them, can they live without customers? the way things are changing a payment processor may be redundant soon! so why then are they being difficult with long standing members??

    I have 2 factor authentication on my account, as added security. And also use the 2 factor authentication on eBay. I was also using finger print ID on the PayPal app....Yet PayPal still insist on sending me pointless text messages asking me to verify payments made on eBay. I use a pay as you go sim, and rarely make outgoing calls so i rarely top it up and couldn't reply to these messages. Not sure if that had any bearing on this, but still.

    Today, i try to add my Revolut debit card, and then get hit with an account restriction?? why?? according to email due to unusual activity on my account?????

    Unusual??  a couple of eBay purchases, and payments for transport.  That's pretty much it! yeah that's real sketchy behaviour! couldn't have been anything else as i have 2 factor enabled, no one else can log in even with my password! which i will add is 13 characters long alphanumeric.

    Now the issue is i don't have photo id, and not about to obtain any just for some silly nonsensical purpose suddenly decided by some poorly programmed paranoid automated system.

    I was able to verify my debit card straight away, why the need for photo id? they can be forged anyway so what does it even prove? it's just inconvenience for the sake of it.  I see this is business suicide.

    It's annoying since i just listed 5 ebay items, i've not really used eBay for some time and made use of the latest offer of £1 max fees to sell some things and fear that this restriction means i now need to end these listings. And sadly, if that's the case.. that;s the final nail. I will go back to using Facebook marketplace and other services!
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Re: 16 Years a member, now they wan't photo id? comical...



"Information about you

We may request information from you as we reasonably require to enable us to reduce the risk of fraud or comply with our regulatory (including anti-money laundering) obligations. You must comply with these requests.  This may involve you faxing, emailing or otherwise providing to us at your own expense identification documents and information about your finance and operations (such as your most recent financial statements and merchant processing statements)."


Don't shoot the messenger, just saying what we all agreed to when signing up for a PayPal account.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: 16 Years a member, now they wan't photo id? comical...

Yeah, whilst i appreciate your reply...generic replies aren't required here... user agreement. changes every other month and has changed umpteen times since i signed up, so not necessarily what i agreed to when i joined.... i said.... won't be happening. Don't have photo ID, i have verified my bank account, and bank has verified me. so i see no need.  So it's goodbye.

Money laundering regulations, what an utter joke... we're talking a total of less than £10 a month currently, if that. I was going to start using eBay again.  Think there would be bigger fish to fry if i'm laundering money, lmao. Fraud? 16 years, i'm playing the long game there!

If i felt that my current usage warranted explanation, and there were actual unusual activities on my account then I would go out of my way to try and find some type of ID, but as it stands I see no valid reason, and thus it's little more than invasion of privacy for no good reason. And i won't be bowing to any demands, and/or bending backwards to send a photo which could be of anyone and no proof at all it's me. Dumb and antiquated method of verification. Futhermore, PayPal is becoming less and less of a service anyone actually needs.

User agreement is all well and good, none of it enforceable however.... if i can understand the reason for the request.  Since i can't, i therefore decline and will likely be closing my account.

This thread can therefore be taken as feedback, and reflected upon when the company close down.

Funny how i can get a 400k mortgage this month without photo ID, yet can't add a damn card onto PayPal?  something not right there? 

If they keep this behaviour up without good cause... then PayPal will be redundant sooner than they may think. It's no wonder eBay detached from them.

The ship is sinking!