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Problem with Paypal/Credit Card


Problem with Paypal/Credit Card

Yesterday I tried to link my credit card to the Paypal I have used for years for Ebay, it then told me there was an error and told me that my card was already linked to a different Paypal.


But, when I buy items on Ebay, I pay via Paypal and the money comes out of my bank from the same card I tried to link, I also use the same email address for both, same with other websites I purchase items from, I use this current Paypal and it comes out of my bank but I am not able to transfer money into my bank from my Paypal :S

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Re: Problem with Paypal/Credit Card

Re your query about linking bank account - I had one linked for ages and it worked OK - then suddenly Paypal said that they needed it "verified" before I could transfer funds from it too my Paypal account ! Even though they had been transferring money the other way! Also transferring funds from my now "verified" bank account is taking much longer than the 2-3 days they say it should!  


  I also have a Paypal Credit card and have problems with it - I can use it to pay for items through Ebay and any other online purchases rather than using paypal. But I can not now use it in a shop where a pin number would be needed? I have complained so many times that I have given up and just use it online!


 I think Paypal should get upto date - and do things correctly and much faster!