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Issues with refunds virtual goods

New Community Member

Issues with refunds virtual goods

Hi everyone,


I sell virtual goods.


It's already bad enough that people can issue a refund and there's nothing I can do about it, what bothers me the most is that PayPal charged me 16 euros for it. One guy paid me 4 times on the same day and asked a refund on all of them, thus I got charged 64 euros for doing nothing..


I have emailed PayPal plenty of times but the support in the Netherlands is terrible. I have gotten nothing but useless answers, that's why I came here hoping to get a solution from the community!


So what I need help with is how do I make sure that PayPal doesn't charge me 16 euros again? Today someone made 10 payments, and I have a strong feeling that they're going to want a refund for that. If I have to pay 16 euros for each of those I will lose 16x10=160 euros!


So once again, the things I need help with are:

-Is it possible to get some sort of seller protection with virtual goods?

-What do I do to make sure PayPal doesn't charge me 16 euros every time?


Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Volunteer Advisor

Re: Issues with refunds virtual goods

Per PayPal's User Agreement, virtual goods are not covered.  There's probably no way they would change that rule.  PayPal is certainly not a one solution fits all, you may want to look for an alternative solution.

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Re: Issues with refunds virtual goods

HI  even though you offer digital items you could incoporate free postage and packinging into your listing so if you have problem you could download your digital content on to a disc and post to the buyer this way you should be covered by paypal seller protection as you have posted a physical item! hope it helps