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Shipped Before E-Check with F&F

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Shipped Before E-Check with F&F

Hey guys. I need some help. Recently I sold through Instagram to a private buyer. The payment was an e-check, but I decided to ship before it cleared. The payment was also through friends and family. The package is now half way to the destination, and the e-check has been cancelled. What can I do in this situation if the buyer is not answering me and does not want to pay? Is there any coverage/legality situation? Please help.
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Re: Shipped Before E-Check with F&F

Hello @Cmk77. That's gonna hurt! Unfortunately, an eCheck isn't covered through PayPal's Seller Protection until the funds have cleared. It's also not covered if it's sent as Friends And Family and, just letting you know, that not selling items as Goods And Services or as a PayPal Invoice is considered as avoiding seller fees - which wouldn't be good for you.


With the order, at this point, you can:

  • Request a package intercept through a shipping carrier - it doesn't have to be the same carrier.
  • Use (Single or Multiple orders) or (Single orders) and send the shipping label to your customer.
  • If you're able to contact your customer, discuss the shipping information, such as shipping method, shipping costs, with your customer and send them the amount.
  • See what return services the preferred shipping carrier has. They also have return services for future orders, such as USPS's Priority Return Service.


If you're not able to do any of this and the customer doesn't respond within a reasonable amount of time, you should go to the police and tell them that a product has been stolen from your store - as that's what it is. Also, make sure you're following your countries laws and local laws, such as having a seller permit during the sale, before you report this to the police. Good luck!

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