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Sending money from Peru to USA

Sending money from Peru to USA

I tried to send some money from Peru to a friend in the USA. I don't have the option to send to friends and family, so I tried to do it like a payment.

As far as I can see in my account, everything is ok, but my friend says that it is frozen for 21 days and PayPal is asking her for documents and credentials she can not provide.

Is there a way to cancel/reverse this payment?

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Re: Sending money from Peru to USA

Sounds like your friend's account may be unverified or there is something else not quite right ... suggest that you contact your friend and ask if that is the case.   If your friend's account has been limited or frozen, unfortunately there's nothing you can do on your end until the issue is resolved.  Bottom line, your friend has to resolve the issue.


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