Paypal has overcharged me for item bounced my bank account horribly. contacted lawyer today!

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I made a purchase 3 days ago On the ShopHQ website. i purchase a jacket. Ok, I decided to go with their 6 easy pay payment plan. One payment a month for 6 months. Would have been 9.82 out of my account which is directly linked to my bank account.

So I wake up to find that Paypal has charged me 43.99 The entire cost of the item and the 9.82 monthly fee as well. Bouncing my checking account over 77.00 in the negative.. I did not authorize this hold. Called customer service ShopHQ. she said paypal does this all the time. She said people are outraged over it.   She said she only shows the 9.82 payment made for the jacket.. She said you need to contact paypal over this. It is all on their end. HELP I contacted a lawyer today, I know that seems harsh, but really, how legally can they do this? **bleep**.Smiley Mad

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Sorry but, as this is a member to member help group, we are "not" customer support.   Unfortunately issues like this can't be resolved here.  If you need legal advice, then contacting a professional is your best option.  If you want to try resolving your issue through customer support, besides email and phone, you can contact them via Twitter @AskPayPal or via Private Message on their Facebook page at

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