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Where Did My Post Go?


Welcome to the PayPal Community help Forums!


Your attention may have been drawn to this topic because you wrote a post, but it doesn't appear to be where you left it. Where did it go? Why was it moved or removed? These are great questions and I'm happy to answer them.


The first thing to do is to determine if the post was moved or removed. To do that, look in the upper right-hand corner of the forum and click on either your avatar image or "My Profile".


My settings.PNG


On the Profile page, you will see a list of your 5 most recent posts. In the lower right-hand corner of that section, you can go back even further by clicking View All.


Recent Posts.PNG


If the post is no longer in your posting history, it was removed. If the post is still listed there, you can click on the link to see its new home.


Why would my post be removed?


In order to maintain a safe and productive environment for all members, the Community Forums Moderation team will remove posts that do not comply with theRules and Guidelines.  If your post was removed, please consider revising your post after reading the guidelines.


Why would my post be moved?


To keep the forums as useful as possible, the Community Forums Moderation team will routinely move posts. As an example, when two members post very similar questions, their posts may be merged into the same thread so that any answers given by the Community will benefit both posters. This also keeps the forums tidier so members can find already existing answers without having to post a question.


Posts may also be moved from one forum to another that is better suited to the subject matter of the post. For instance, a post made to ask questions about fees will be far more likely to receive an answer if it's placed in the About Business section than if it is placed in the About Protections section. Similarly, the folks looking for answers about Seller Protection or Purchase Protection will then be far more likely to find answers on the first page of that forum once the posts about other topics are moved into their correct section.


Please remember that the majority of the boards are for questions, answers, and tips about using PayPal. Off-topic discussions, introductions, suggestions, and feedback will be moved to their respective boards.


How can I make sure I'm posting in the right place?


Before you post, I'd recommend a few steps:


  • Pick a forum that seems to suit your subject matter and check the floating topic at the top of the page to make sure.
  • Check through the first page or so of posts - your question may have already been asked, or even answered!
  • Take a look at What's the best way to ask a question? for tips on composing your question to get the best response.

Again, welcome to the Community. Your participation is what keeps this a useful resource for others, and your unique voice makes it an enjoyable experience to be here! We look forward to your posts!



If this post or any other was helpful, please enrich the community by giving kudos or accepting it as a solution.
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