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payment to o2 held by temporary authorisation?

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hi, first time community question here: yesterday i bought (or tried to) an ipad pencil from o2 shop - checked out via paypal, used £13 of my paypal balance and the remaining with my debit card. filled out all my details, but then the o2 webpage reloaded to say that “something went wrong, call o2 to complete my order”. on paypal, the £13 has been taken from my wallet but the money has not been taken nor pending from my bank account. in my transaction history, the transaction is pending but says: “this is a temporary authorisation to make sure your funding source will cover the payment. your funding source will be charged when your transaction is completed.” i’ve not received an order email from o2 and when i called them they had no evidence of transaction but because i paid through paypal they said it might not have completed yet and to wait 3 days. should i worry about this? or do you think the payment will time out and i should re order? thanks for any advice or reassurance, i don’t want to worry as i can’t cancel the transaction myself via paypal as it’s pending!

payment to o2 held by temporary authorisation?


Hi @tarocha


First of all, welcome to the PayPal Community! 


An authorisation is an agreement between a buyer and a seller. It gives the seller permission to debit the buyer's PayPal account to pay for a good or service. The status of your authorisation appears in your PayPal account Activity.


An ‘Order’ is also an agreement between you and a merchant for a purchase of a specified amount. It is used when a merchant wants to delay taking a payment. The funds are not taken from your account straight away.

For example: The merchant may use the Order feature if they need to check if the item is in stock before taking your payment.

The payment will appear in your account with a status of ‘Pending’ until the merchant completes the order and takes payment. The status will then change to ‘Complete’. If you wish to cancel an order you must contact the merchant to do so. It is not possible to cancel an order from your PayPal account.


If 30 days pass and the merchant has still not accepted or cancelled your order authorisation, PayPal may be able to cancel this for you. 


I hope this help & have a lovely day! 





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