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Hello everyone, I linked my Vietcombank account with Paypal to transfer money to Vietcombank, but instead of choosing to link my bank account, I linked it under "card linking" according to the CVV information and expiration date in Vietcombank application, and still successfully linked. However, when I transferred money, Paypal deducted the money and my Vietcombank card has not received the money even though 10 days have passed. Can anyone tell me if my money will be refunded to Paypal now? It seems like it's "hanging" between Paypal and the bank! Thank you everyone!

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Hello @lengochoa711,

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I am sorry to know that you haven't received the transferred funds yet and I understand that bank details were entered in card option. Usually, withdrawals to your bank account usually take 3-5 business days to complete. If the transaction status of your withdrawal is "Completed," it means it has completed processing through our system. If you are unable to locate the deposit in your bank account and the status of the transaction is still "Completed" in your PayPal account history, we can trace your withdrawal once 7 business days have passed. Usually, if there’s a problem with withdrawal, it is returned to us and the funds are reversed back into your PayPal balance. To trace the funds, please contact our customer support team through the available contact options on our website. Support is also available through Facebook private messages or Twitter direct messages. 


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