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Today I made a payout from patreon to my paypal account, but just after a few minutes it was returned. Along with that I received a message in my mail saying: Your payout of $198 was returned by Paypal and is now available again in your Patreon account. Please resolve the issue in your Paypal account and then retry the payout in Patreon. View your account here. The Patreon Team So, I was wondering is there something wrong with my account or are there any other issues. Around 3 years ago, I easily got the payout from another site, and this is my first time after years. So, I'm unaware of the new updates. Thank you!

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The option to receive Paypal payments is sadly not available in Kyrgyzstan.
You can only send payments for purchases funded by your (confirmed) credit card.

Paypal varies a lot country to country and can only offer the services that the banks / governments of that country allow it to offer.
There are quite a few countries unable to receive Paypal payments.

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