Many of my customers trying to pay me are getting payment errors


Many of my customers trying to pay me are getting payment errors, everytime i reach paypal they say my account is good and its the sender with the issue. I have lost 6 customers and I do not think it's an issue with my customer. The last customer who faced an error was "This card can’t be used for your payment. Let’s try a different card."
Another error was "Your card was declined, lets try another card"
And another error was "We are unaable to authenticate your payment method, please choose a different payment method and try again"
Please help me out, I am losing my business due to this.

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Sorry to hear that you're having issues while receiving payments to your PayPal account. As per the error messages, payments are not getting processed due to the payment method chosen by the buyer. Please ask the buyers to confirm their financials before initiating any transactions or try to complete the payment using a different card. If the issue persists, please get in touch with the PayPal support team. You can contact the team by clicking the "Contact us" option at the bottom of PayPal page. Support is also available through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


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