Why isn't this working! Wallet transfer to debit card.


I have been trying to transfer money that is in my wallet to my debit card for over 5 days now to no avail. It's getting very annoying as I feel like I'm being put on hold when I call. One of the specialists said it would be fixed after 4 hours and they said they reset or did something to my account. Nope turns out the four hours was the time they would be closing. So now I'm stuck trying to call them to get this fixed over and over and I don't have a way to get a new card. But that's not the problem since my card issuer said my card was just fine so it leads me to believe something is awry...if anyone knows what I could do please help me if you can...

Thanks for your time have a good day.

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Some information would help give advice.


Have you withdrawn to that card before?

When you added it did you confirm it with the 4 digit code?

Does the billing address of the card match your paypal account address?

Are the funds cleared and not pending and are they in USD currency?

Have you tried withdrawing via the app / web / tried another browser or device?

Have you tried withdrawing to a linked and confirmed bank account instead of the card?

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