A customer who used PayPal on my Shopify store is showing three charges, but I only see one



I had a customer purchase an item for $27.26 on my Shopify website (including shipping and taxes) using PayPal. I received a message from them on social media with a screenshot of their bank account showing three separate charges from PayPal, for the correct $27.26 amount, a $5.37 amount, and a $21.89 amount. 

On my end in Shopify and in PayPal, I only show one transaction for $27.26 before the PayPal fees. Will these duplicate charges disappear? Or is there some glitch with PayPal?

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Hello @MeadowStompers


Welcome! Thanks for joining the PayPal Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear a recent sale hasn't gone quite as you or your buyer had expected. It sounds like how it was processed was with an Order and Authorization. The authorization of $27.26 was placed on the buyer's card, then it was captured / charged in the two separate amounts equaling up to $27.26. Was the cost of the item $21.89 and the shipping $5.37? 

Either way, the $27.26 authorization should normally drop off within 3 days of the capture of the other two amounts. I'd recommend the buyer reach out to their card company with any questions. Our Customer Support are also available if needed. 


I hope that helps!


 - Jon K

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