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Subscription payment failed

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Subscription payment failed


I am even more confused now. I started to type this post and  box popped up to say that I had to check other answers to similar questions before I post mine. I checked the first one (which was not applicable) and then came back to check the others  :  now they've disappeared so I can't check anymore before posting.


Anyway, now to the problem.


This afternoon I received a plain looking email purporting to be from PayPal - no logos or anything. It says that one of my subscription payments has failed and to check my account. Being a very cautious person, I did not click on the link contained in the mail, but opened my browser and manually went to PayPal. Once there, I could see that a subscription payment did indeed say failed but, since there is more than enough money in my funding source, I can't understand why.


So, I telephoned PayPal to find out what the problem could be. I was informed by PayPal that the company I have the subscription with will no longer accept payment because I do not have a back up payment method on my PayPal account. According to the lady at PayPal, the software company is insisting that I add a credit card to my account before they will accept my subscription!


Since one of the reasons PayPal is so popular is because our data is supposedly kept so private that I only have to use my PayPal login details and subsequently means there is no requirement for my financial details to be given to any company that I choose to do business with, can someone explain please how a third party company is able to see what payment sources I have set up on my PayPal account and what gives them the right to demand that I provide a credit card to PayPal. Surely that is between PayPal and myself.


PayPal also say that they have received an email from the software company saying that I needed to add a credit card to my funding sources and that they had merely passed on the message. This sounds like the tail is wagging the dog to the detriment of PayPal customers.


Any thoughts on what to do next or how to resolve the issue without putting credit card details in?