pending payment: paypal says i got a pending payment, but i already recived the item i buyed


I got a warring msg saying i have to pay 114.58$ the thing i buyed at riot games, in brasil server(it was 99.99 euro, but almost 23.000$ at my country Argentina) the problem i cant find why im getting dual payment request, when the debit card app warring me about the buying amount of money.

I used directly my debit card was added to paypal and now i dont know what the duck is going on. I started a dispute/Inquiry at help, but this is so weird, i send a ticket to riot games too because this is hyper weird. Im not go to pay 45.000$ argentina peso, for this. Someone who gots experience can enlightme wtfrick happend? im totally confused.

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Hello @LuciStella,


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I do understand your concern about pending payment after receiving the item! In this case, your best option would be to reaching out to our team by clicking the contact us option at the bottom of PayPal page or send us a message through our Twitter(@AskPayPal) and Facebook page for additional assistance.


I hope this helps!


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