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Shixi Network Technology Co., Ltd. (US)

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I ordered this item from Shixi Network Technology Co., Ltd. on March 5, 2021 I didn’t hear anything from them until End April 2021. I gave them extra time due to the pandemic. Finally I wrote to them mentioning that I did not receive the item. Their website was a hoax, but they responded via PayPal saying that this product was delivered on May 5th 2021. I confirmed from my postal office. They said they delivered it too. Then where is my product? Now the image of the product I received is a flat envelope as opposed to me ordering a food processor 😱. And now who’s taking tha liability of non delivery of the product you order? Am I not supposed to get my refund fir this product ?? This is so annoying. Now I have paid $30 some & don’t even have the product plus no refund as the company doesn’t exist 😟😖

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