PayPal is unfortunately unprofessional for solving this issue below πŸ‘‡πŸΎ


. I am reaching out here maybe I will get help as PayPal support are unprofessional when addressing an issue I have encountered with a recent purchase from the platform. I regret to inform you that I have not received the product as the seller keeps claming . Upon attempting to access the gallery, I discovered it to be empty, and my access was denied. Attached to this message, you will find a screenshot illustrating the aforementioned situation. Furthermore, I regret to inform you that the seller has blocked me on all communication channels, preventing me from resolving the issue directly with them. It pains me to say that the work delivered by the seller was done inappropriately. Despite my attempts to engage in a constructive dialogue to rectify the situation, the seller's unprofessional conduct has hindered any progress. Additionally, I have been unable to download the photos from the gallery, as they have been watermarked, rendering them unusable for my intended purpose. In light of these circumstances, I kindly request that you conduct a thorough investigation into this matter. It is my earnest desire to receive a refund for the purchase, as I currently have no access to the product in question. If necessary, I am willing to provide further evidence to support my claim, including verification of my phone number. I ask you guys to be reasonable when making the decision because there will be no point for me to report this and request a refund if I got served with the product. You paid for photos in order to receive them too but I don’t have any of them. So be mindful when reviewing this case and when doing the investigation before you deny my case again. I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a prompt resolution.

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