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Today, I received an email from a fake email [Removed]

"We consider the transaction of $449.99 has been sucessfully conducted from your PayPal account at a mysterious location in Greece for the purchase of a hand***. If you find anything apprehensive, Kindly contact the PayPal support desk helpline on[Removed. Phone #s not permitted](toll free) to resolve the issue"

The email was "powered by docusign" and reply to is Pay_Pal order processed [Removed]  : which is clearly not a PayPal email or Docusign. 

There is a docusign link in the email to 'review document' 

Community be aware of emails. This one was clearly sketchy based on typos, email addresses, links, and lack of names used but it still needs to be made known. Let me also add, this email came to me on an old business email that I have never used for paypal or any payment processing or purchasing. I just never removed the account from my phone. 

Thanks for reading. Dont click sketchy links. Stay safe and secure! 

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HI @SMcMackin,


Welcome to PayPal Community Forum and thank you for posting!


I understand that you are worried about the notification that you have received. It is possible that we contacted you by email, text message, or through an automated call. To verify if the message you received is really from PayPal, log in to your PayPal account securely by typing into your browser's address bar and going to your Resolution Center. Your Resolution Center will contain information on any account issues we may have contacted you about.


If you receive a suspicious email, text message, or call, do not provide your personal or financial information, and do not click on any links, please forward them to If you provided personal or financial information, please change your PayPal password and security questions at your earliest convenience by following the steps listed here. You may want to first run a virus scan, just to make sure that you didn't pick something up from clicking any links. You can also read more about how to spot fake emails. 




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