I Aim to start a funding website but worried that limits will stop the account.

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I viewed my PayPal limits and they Seem to have a yearly sending limit of 3700$...


I need to know what that means!

I plan to do a fundraiser for 1 million And I can not move forward until I am 100% sure that there will be no limit issues after the fact.


What do I do, the way paypal phrases it is a politicians way of saying:


"we may or may not hold 100% of your money hostage with 0 guarantee that you will be able to get it if you managed to succeed at making money".


The direct quote is: "There are unexpected changes to your selling activities such as a sudden increase in your typical sales volume, If your PayPal account is limited, you may be unable to withdraw, send or receive money. reaching a certain transaction value in your account may trigger a limit, which can also be removed by providing information required to PayPal."


Well... I was born in syria and from UAE... sounds like they are saying if you do make it... we get to keep the money... because your document will be rejected!


I need some confirmation that it is ok to move forward being born in syria with a company that basically promises to block my account.



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