sendet insists he send money but nothing on my statement



I have made a sale a few days ago,

Buyer tell me that the money was sent, and he even sent me an image with the details (there is even a transaction ID).

But after 4 days there is nothing on my end, nothing on my balance.

There are a couple of details that makes be think that it's a scam, but my question is:

Can a transaction take several days to appear in your PayPal activity? in the actual bank account, yes it can, but the PayPal to PayPal transactions should be instantaneous, correct?


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Unless its a pending echeque then yes they are instant BUT even echeques would show on your paypal account.

Double check the email address the sender used to make sure there were no spelling errors or typos.

Secondly did he send it in your currency OR a receiving currency you have added to your paypal account?

Have you confirmed your email address and verified your paypal account?

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