PayPal asked me to provide Professional License and limited my account permanently.

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Hello everyone, In recent week I have received verification account notice on my newly created PayPal account. At this point PayPal asked me to provide three type of documents and information. 1. Professional license ID Well, I live in Australia and do freelancing. I provide different types of online IT services and I do not have any such government issue professional license ID. On searching Google community I have found many people asked the same thing and get advised to write a note in pdf format to PayPal and asked them to change the verification requirement as freelancers does not have any such documents. I did the same. But after doing this next day PayPal limited my account permanently. In pdf not I have requested the PayPal that I am a freelancer and can provide government issue driving licence or other available documents if they want. But as a freelancer requested document is not possible for me to provide. But they limited my account permanently. 2. Provide Business information. I putted my all details available. Like address, phone number etc. In Note box I again provided the details how I do work and what kind of services I am providing. As I said before they permanently limited my account next day. 4. Vendor/supplier information In this section I had the purchasing invoice of products which involve in my work with well known international companies. I bought IT related product from my PayPal. These receipts have the PayPal transactions IDs as well at which I bought the products. Before my own PayPal I requested my friend to buy these products from his PayPal but after having my own PayPal I start buying this directly from my PayPal. These invoice have the order details, amount, company address, phone numbers and email information as well. But still I get permanently limited. Please guide me how I can get active my PayPal again.sincere advice is requested. Thanks
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File a complaint:

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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haha...awesome response!
Gee, I wonder, had the poster not thought of that already? Hmm... 🤔
Some people come to the community forums to see if they can get help there first. Sometimes it is a lot faster and more engaging to get the info your seeking.
Or, after reading that positively engaging response, perhaps not. 😆

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PayPal has limited my account because I did not have enough funds to complete a pay-in-4 contract. I am asked again and again to make what PayPal regards as an outstanding payment, yet because I am limited PayPal will not allow me to use the site to pay.

in addition for some unfathomable reason, PayPal managed to pay this contract 5 instalments [in a pay-in-4 contract], that is, one instalment of approximately $25 too much.

PayPal has paid this contractee $125 instead of $100, and are demanding I pay $150 to have the limitation on my PayPal account removed.

PayPal has never acknowledged the limitation, this seems to be part of their vastly idiotic schtick, in line with their complete lack of transparency and their inability to treat one as an honest, direct agent.

Their main way of working seems to be to wait until they are sure you are not observing, sneak into your bank and arrange, totally without authorisation, to pay extra instalments with money to which they have NO LEGAL RIGHT. This looks very much like theft to me, white-collar burglary, and then,when you attempt to enquire as to the rationale for this state of affairs, suggest you telephone, when a person who says they represent PayPal lies to you and assures you everything has been fixed and the limitation, if ever there was one, has been removed.

Now you have to write complaints twice over in a message box which consistently covers itself up, effectively taking 40 minutes work away and forcing you to start again. Then, in response, you are finally given a ‚phone number to use, only to have the weight of the whole issue thrown on your shoulders because there is a voice telling you in response to your call the number is unavailable, you have it wrong. 
Does this sound like transparent, direct, honest communication to you? Or is it rather the guilty reflexes of habitual corporate profiteers, happily in possession of money they are NOT legally entitled to, covering up their tracks and obfuscating any attempt to return to their advertised way of working. You choose, I am fed up [to the back teeth, if I had any]. I am not a rich or even moderately wealthy person, and I need all of the money I can legally acquire, what I do not need is a mob of two-faced charlatans who offer financial services FOR MONEY, ripping me off and refusing to acknowledge this fact : …“ooh, this is far too complex to solve by email, we have to talk person to person to resolve matters“… WHY? The overpayment is clearly apparent to any reader in the payment details section of my PayPal account, you took the money in a less than legal manner from my bank account, where you had no right to be, and you placed the limitation on my account which stops me from doing as you ask and paying a second $25:00 over the price to the vendor. This is outrageous. Or perhaps some fraudster has disguised themselves as PayPal and ripped off with my money, pausing on his/her way out of the door to fill in the details in the ‚payment details‘ section of my PayPal account. This is patently absurd. Your lazy, rude, ill-mannered and high-handed manner of dealing with this matter reveals a miserly, grasping, dishonest, profit at all costs culture cankering away merrily in your organization, and unless you wake up and do some due diligence and appropriate governance the stink of your ineptitude will start to affect your public, your competitors will become aware you are falling apart and leap at the opportunity to bring you down. How are you going to stop this rot? You could start by calling an end to all these idiotic games and distractions and obfuscations and downright lies, removing the limitation on my PayPal account, and re-paying the approximately $25 you [according to your records] removed from my bank account on 12/05/2023.

At the very least you could send me a direct and honest email with a real telephone number to ring, and without all the vomit-inducing language about care and respect from a company which has obviously no respect for itself, or it‘s customers and is culturally incapable of caring about what happens to any of the people who fall into it‘s sinister clutches. Good night. Kind regards, seamas rhind.

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