Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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On Friday I was contacted on my iPhone by a man claiming to be with PayPal. His number was [removed]. He claimed that someone named Jim [removed] had used my account to make a $299.00 transaction overseas.

He knew my birth date, my phone number, my home address, my email address, the last four digits of my Credit Card and that my last purchase. He correctly said this was from Dominos Pizza. He said he'd stopped the transaction, and he wanted me to go to the App Store and install a software on my phone so he could ".. remove the stolen details from off the server...".

He gave me a six digit code which on my phone appeared to come from the same number as I get my Paypal messages. This is concerning. I didn't install the App and told him to **bleep** off.

Has this happened to anyone else

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Hi @PeteF59


Welcome to the PayPal Community! You're absolutely right, PayPal support would never ask you to download an app to your phone or install any kind of software to 'remove stolen details from our server'. Great instincts. If you do ever happen to come across any unauthorized access or transactions you don't recognized, we'd ask you to report them via our Resolution Center. 


Thanks for visiting and have a great start to your week!


 - Jon K

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