Car rental scam company


I made a booking with a car rental company in Spain and paid an online deposit trying to protect myself from scams through PayPal. When I came for the car, the manager requested an International driver's license. The voucher they sent me requested only a "full driver's license". Despite my national driver's license being valid for 12 months in this country the manager refused my booking and refused to make the refund.

I searched the website trustpilot and found a lot of cases like mine with this company. I opened a case in PayPal's resolution center. That the company requested the document which is not on the requirement list and I didn't receive the service. I've attached the voucher and the contract for renting a car from another company on the same day, proofing that all my documents are valid.


PayPal closed my case with the remark "We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your claim(s). This decision was made because our records show that the item or service associated with this transaction was delivered to you."

Why PayPal is on the side of the fraud company?

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I understand your concern about the outcome of the dispute. You can appeal the outcome of a claim by 10 days of the case closing. I would recommend you to contact our support team to submit your appeal request. You can reach out to our team through the available contact options at the bottom of PayPal page or message us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


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