Best way to communicate with media relevant to case?


I have a fraud claim I filed with the PayPal debit card department. The claim was quickly decided upon and closed. It did not make any sense to me at the time. I now see what could be going on. PayPal has not handled the information I gave correctly. My original claim phone call was clear and with an explanation of what took place. I later saw that they took the claims out of order (dates times) and not the correct amount of claims. I ignored the number of closed claims myself. This number does not match the number I told them took place. It seems like they are claiming that I did a transaction that would have been impossible because the card was lost at that time. So the disputes department's response to why all my claims were denied, is that I used the card during the fraudulent transaction history. I have the original call I made to the Disputes department recorded. I clearly explained and listed for the agent the transactions that were fraudulent. How could I respond to them and let them hear the audio of me stating the correct amount of fraudulent transactions? I imagine if I call them, they will not be willing to listen to it. I also feel I have other conversations that I recorded that would be useful to make them understand what went on and what went wrong. I am not trying to give them lengthy audio, just clips where I clearly state what happened with the correct amount of transactions. I could play this or upload it so they can listen on any device to hear the audio of the recorded calls. Thanks

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