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I tried to book a ticket with British Airways on 7th July. I chose to pay by PayPal credit. BA’s system stopped working and the transaction never went through on their side. They didn’t issue a ticket and my transaction was “pending” on Paypal for 5 days. BA never sent me an email confirming a booking and they didn’t debit me any Avios points for the transaction. Over the next few days, I booked, two one-way tickets with BA and for that I paid £183 for one sector on paypal and the other sector on my credit card. I kept checking my PayPal credit account for the original £140 expecting it to be removed from pending and instead on 12th July it was approved as a transaction, and BA via Paypal took £140 from me. I spoke to 6 different people at BA and all they kept asking me was what my PNR number is!?!? I don’t have one. So they told me to contact PayPal. I raised this as a dispute and PayPal have tonight emailed to say they have ruled in BA’s favour!?!? Paypal have facilitated BA stealing £140 from me. I have absolutely nothing to show for this debit. I have no PNR, no ticket, I have nothing from BA that relates to the £140 that I now owe. PayPal emailed me this evening saying that my dispute is closed! I am now unable to dispute their decision and I just have to accept paying BA £140 for nothing? Two big business stealing from someone unable to challenge this decision. Paypals website gives no opportunity to question a decision. None of their “help topics” help you find out what to do if you dispute something and PayPal rule against you.
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When you pay a company then it is often pending or awaiting authorisation until that company processes your order and captures the pending payment.

If they don't process the order and capture that payment then the pending status times out at 30 days post-payment and returns back to your funding source so BA must have processed the payment even if they did not process the order.

Did you fund the paypal payment via a credit card? If so see if your card issuer will chargeback for you?


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