PayPal Native checkout card errors


Can anyone help with my issue please? I have implemented the android PayPalNativeCheckout SDK and all is working. The native code logs on and brings up a wallet giving the option for PayPal Credit, PayPal balance and add a credit Card.

My question is do I need to check that the payment has been authorised against all possibilities such as insufficient funds, card expired, stolen inaccurate expiry or CVC code or does the SDK do that for me as part of the flow.

The status of the order within paypal is changed to APPROVED so all appears find, just need to know for sure as the wallet doesn't allow forcing of errors.

There is a listener in the SDK called onPayPalCheckoutFailure which I'm hoping is called if the PayPal SDK for Apkbeeb will call if there are any issues and the payment can't be processed.


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