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Merge sandbox and PayPal live which won’t let me sign on

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Please help me merge my sandbox PayPal and PayPal live: also I cannot log into my PayPal live. Please help me

Merge sandbox and PayPal live which won’t let me sign on


Hello @MamaMaria711 ,

Thank you for posting to the PayPal Sandbox Community. Sandbox accounts are virtual accounts, no real money movement takes place in sandbox. All funds in all of the sandbox accounts are not real funds, so they cannot be sent to a live PayPal Account. A sandbox account cannot be merged with a live account.

If you have been testing in sandbox you can take your integration live by updating the credentials to live credentials. If you are using Rest API Smart Payment buttons you can update from sandbox to live by pasting in your live Rest API Client ID.

If using Rest API, here is the information on taking your integration live:


If you cannot access your live PayPal Account, here is information on resetting your password:

You can go to the contact-us PayPal Link below:

  • Click on Password and account access
  • Click Login problems
  • Follow the steps that are provided
  • If you still cannot access the account scroll down to the bottom and click Call (if available) us or Message us (if available)

Thank you,




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